Controversial Government Move Creates Unprecedented Opportunity

Without being a ‘Welfare-Moocher’

I Received


in 24 Hours

… Blindly Doing What This Disc Told me to!”

Wednesday, 4:30 p.m.


             Sometimes the government makes life a misery. But other times, they can practically hand you cash on a velvet cushion…

Even though it’s 110% legal and ethical, at first I felt a bit guilty. Money just shouldn’t come this easily and quickly.

May I have a few minutes to explain?

            You see, Wednesdays could soon become your favorite day of the week too…

Cash Could be Released to YOU as

            The world can descend into bankruptcy and chaos and this cash loophole could remain untouched.

            Please read on to learn more about the quiet minority snatching cash, using no more than a few minutes a week of their spare time from home.

            It’s almost feels like a government giveaway!

So much so, I call this nifty little loophole the “API-50 Government Windfall”…


            I know what you’re thinking right now because I’ve been there: “Yeah, right. That cash may look tasty but I bet a whole heap of hassle went into getting it and you aren’t showing what it cost to get it!”

            But listen, there is virtually nothing standing in your way...     

> No interviews
> No exclusions
> No age limitation
> No country restrictions (Not just limited to US)
> No restriction on what you spend it on
> No matter if you are employed
> Can be done from anywhere in the world

           I emphasize this because whenever people hear the words ‘money’ and ‘government’ in the same sentence, they have a preconceived notion of what’s involved with that.

None of those worries apply here!

The simple secret on that disc could be the only difference between me and you regarding this.

Banks aren’t the only ones getting a bail-out it seems…

It's Like Your Own Personal Bailout

Please let me explain and you’ll see for yourself why this isn’t a bunch of hot air…

Not to long ago, government agencies quietly made a controversial decision. The mainstream media missed it, the whole thing was so hush-hush.

            An unprecedented money making opportunity and the lazy media missed the whole thing!

            Certain parties bitterly complained about it through an article in The Financial Times the next day, but that’s about as far as it went.

No wonder they complained…

Government intervention had just provided everyday people like you and me a tremendous new opportunity each Wednesday afternoon.

            That is, IF those everyday people knew about this ‘secret’ and how to exploit it. Needless to say, this isn’t something you’ll see publicized or written about anywhere else but here…

 A Golden Gift

            First, I need to square something away with you because I know you’re somewhat skeptical right now (I know I was when I first heard of this!)…

We’re conditioned to think that to get more money we have to work hard. It just doesn’t seem right to make a couple of almost BLIND calls and receive checks.

Where’s the skill? Where’s the blood, sweat and tears??

            I have to tell you, that’s precisely how I felt the first time I used this…

I raced to the ATM to take out my money as soon as I could (that’s me on the left)…

I wanted to feel the dough in my hands to believe it because it came so easily. I almost felt like I’d done something illegal (of course I hadn’t though).

I assumed it was a fluke.

Next week, I couldn’t resist trying again…

Bang! I snatched another fistful of cash out of that hole in the wall. And on it went.

            So please don’t be skeptical, and most of all…


You Must NOT Feel Guilty About Receiving These Checks!

            Look, just because the government’s actions have created this opportunity, don’t feel guilty. Sure, practically grabbing money each Wednesday, may SOUND like you’re a ‘welfare-moocher’, but it’s just not the case.

            I tell you this now because I don’t want guilt to distract or deter you once you get started.

Anytime you feel your conscience nagging you, just think about all the tax you’ve paid over the years! You have to work half the year for the government coffers before you get to keep anything!


            And even with all that legalized looting, the politicians have still managed to accumulate the largest debt in history!


            Enough is enough. It’s time to get YOURS…


This is All 100% Legal and

We’re NOT Abusing the Welfare System!


            Forget any (misguided) loyalty to politicians and start looking after number one. Think for a minute how much more secure your life would be if you could make some extra money…

                             Cold Hard Cash In Your Hands

Would $4,000 a Month Change YOUR Life?


            I’ll say it would! And what if you didn't have to give up your day job either? We’re LITERALLY talking about making 2 phone calls each week, blindly following simple steps like a robot.


            Can you handle that?       

            It doesn’t matter what happens in the world, stock markets or economies.

Imagine no more sweating about your income, mortgage payments or investments.

           And this isn’t some long-winded plan you have to grow old waiting to take shape; it can happen straight away! But I will tell you now, this window of opportunity is only open to you if can act quickly (more about this later).

            So thanks for spending a few minutes with me- as you can see, it’ll be well worth it. To explain more, I’ll start at the beginning…


Why it Pays to be a Lazy Cheapskate


Hello again. My name is Jeff McBride and I’m the laziest person you’ll ever meet. It’s all I can do just to be bothered to get dressed in the morning. Personally, I could just sit in my pajamas all day long!


I like to nap, watch films, stay indoors, get pizza delivered and smugly look out my window at everybody struggling in the rat race while I eat cereal in my dressing gown.




Trouble is, doing just that wasn’t making me any money and someone has to pay the mortgage. Like everyone else, I want easy, fast money, but I’m not going to break my back in the process.


            I’m also a real cheapskate…


I’d looked into all the money-making systems on offer (trading systems etc.) and hadn’t bought a single one of them for 2 reasons; I couldn’t afford the 2 or 3 grand fee (plus investment in the trades) and to be honest, I couldn’t be bothered to wade through all the study material and use the support etc.


I’m sure a few of them really do work well (though I’ve also heard a lot of horror stories), but if I didn’t have the money to buy one of these systems in the first place it’s all academic, right?


            I’m also a chicken. I can’t stand losing money. Any time I’ve got involved in trading anything, my stomach just couldn’t take it. If the share or whatever went up, I couldn’t believe it so I got out way too early. If the share went down, I’d leave it going down, watching in denial as the losses grew…


            Maybe you’ve shared that dark place with me?


            That’s when I got suspicious…


The Dark Truth


            By attending the odd seminar here and there and talking to others, I realized I wasn’t alone in my failure to get anything to work.


            These systems weren’t exactly scams (though some clearly were!), but in all reality it was hard for the everyday person to use.


            The allure of making a couple of calls to place a bet or make a trade is of course very powerful to people like you and me trying to make a bit of cash on the side. That’s why we’re constantly offered products that cater to this desire.


But here’s the problem…


It nearly always comes down to this: A 50/50 chance of losing/winning. Things go up as much as they go down.


This is what’s so frustrating, isn’t it?


Now, what we’re told is that by using this or that system, it isn’t 50/50 odds. We’re told that we will be getting better odds by following the advice of an ‘expert’. And that’s the best scenario! More often than not, we’re left to do it on our own.


But if you’ve ever tried any of these systems, you know as well as I, that ‘Murphy’s Law’ usually comes into play once we put our hard-earned money on the table and the darn stock, currency or whatever goes against us, right?


Been there? Done that? Got the T-shirt??


Me too.


That’s why I jumped on this


‘Blank Checks’


            When I learned about this low-profile government blunder, I looked for a way to exploit it for cold, hard CASH.


           Someone was going to make money from this. I just had to figure out a fast and easy way of getting MY share…


            Ideally, all it would take is a couple of calls… just like promised in all those trading systems…


… BAM!


I had it…


            This government oversight was going to cause a lot of disruption in a certain place. And ‘disruption’ is all it would take to cash in from it.




It doesn’t matter about the outcome of this government-induced disruption…


As long as there’s disruption




So what was this strange government decision and how can you claim cash from it?


Weekly Cash Potential from a

24-Hour Window of Disruption


            Before I explain further, let me strongly emphasize something: this is NOT one of those trading systems that recklessly gambles on a 50/50 chance! The reason I say this is because when I tell you what this revolves around, you might be inclined to think otherwise.


I’m not participating in the silly ‘losers game’. The game where one person is betting against the other or where one person is selling a stock, currency or commodity and the other buying.



This could be the easiest money you’ll ever get your hands on. So just picture what the reward could easily be for a couple of lousy calls each week…


            … see it in your bank account…

                                            The BIG ‘Ka-Ching’ Moment!

            Alright, then let me explain. Please stay with me and remember that this is NOT a 50/50 chance trading system…


            The price of something you use regularly is mostly affected by 2 government reports that are released each week.


            It used to be the case that these 2 reports both came out on a Wednesday morning.


            BUT the decision was recently made to change this schedule. Now, one of these reports comes out after close of business on a TUESDAY, while the other still comes out the next day (WEDNESDAY).


            So what?


            Well, as I recently discovered, this can create a period of extreme volatility in the price of this particular item. Each Tuesday night, through to the following Wednesday morning, the price of this item jumps around violently.


To make money from this I don’t have to watch a computer screen every Tuesday night either- the whole thing is done by placing a few phone calls.




Heads I Win, Tails I Win


It doesn’t matter which way the price goes- up or down. As long as there’s significant volatility in the price, I make money.


            And don’t worry…


… Your check payments are made by a government-sanctioned organization.


All 100% legit.


            So what’s this item that has been affected by all the price disruption for those 24 hours?


            That part I must keep confidential for now to protect the system.


This also means only so many people could get involved in this (more about this shortly).


            Bottom line: thanks to this government oversight, using a cunning trick I’ll show you, we could make this money each and every week!


            As let me repeat, this isn’t what you might call a conventional trading system…


Skimming the Establishment


If this was a regular trading system pitch, about now I’d be telling you how I’m an ex-Wall Street insider who’s telling you what the ‘pros’ do and how they’d have a contract out on me if I divulged my secret.


            If only my life would have been as exciting as that…


            But I’m not a Wall Street genius. I’m just some guy who’s cheapness, laziness and fear made me run into this opportunity.


            Anyway, when I look at what a mess banks have got themselves into, I’m not so sure I want the advice of some Wall Street insider! There’s a difference between academic sense and ‘street sense’. I’m not a Harvard or Yale graduate, but I have common sense. It’s this that allowed me to see a bigger picture and create something that slips between the cracks in the system.


            I say: let them mess around with complicated charts all day… let them sleep with a computer under their pillow… let them worry about the market turning against them…


            If you think about it, the whole trading thing is usually a GIANT guessing game playing 50/50 odds. Whether you’re a professional or amateur, it all comes down to trying to guess which way a certain market will go: up or down.


            It’s time for another dark truth:

           Nobody knows anything for certain except privileged insiders and they will go to jail if they say or do anything to act on their knowledge (without declaring it).


           This is how real money is made, not playing with 50/50 odds.


I only want to deal in relative certainties.


            …Oh, and I don’t want to do any work either…!


            So just picture that cash in YOUR hands… more deserving hands


A Large Check With Your Name On It Could Be Yours


            Just imagine. You make a phone call on a Tuesday blindly following simple instructions. It takes all of THIRTY SECONDS!


            Then, the next day, you make another THIRTY SECOND phone call.


            And that’s it!


            How much would something like that be worth to you?


            Look, I know you think there’s a catch and that I must be exaggerating, but if you’re in the minority who get on board, you will see for yourself that this is the sum total of effort involved.

            And you’ll be able to see this truth for yourself.

Setting up the whole thing takes next to no time at all...


No small-print here. It’s for real.


NEXT Wednesday, you could be on your way to the ATM to fill your pockets…


Instead of Working Next Month,

Why Not Go on Vacation Instead?


            I’m spending all of next month abroad on vacation thanks to the check I just received. First class all the way…

Can you imagine having the freedom to go on vacation where you want, when you want and for however long you want?

You see, you can have your checks sent to you wherever you are in the world…

No boss. No lousy commute. No money-worries.

No more slavery to ‘The Man…’


… NOW ‘The Man’ could be Working for YOU!


            Okay, so how can you get started?


            Very simply. I’d like to send you The API-50 Government Windfall at completely no risk to you. It contains that special golden disc I showed you earlier.


            There’s no complicated study involved. You just pop this beauty in a computer and read through the more detailed explanation and the step-by-step instructions.


            Then, go ahead and see for yourself! And the best part: your kit is just $97!

Weekly Checks Could Be Yours



            As I’ve said, I know you’re skeptical and have seen it all before. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this is an acute exaggeration of the amount of effort involved for such cash.


            The only way I can realistically put your mind at rest is to get this in your hands so you can be pleasantly surprised.


            So here’s a guarantee I trust you’ll feel achieves this:


Money-back Guarantee:
Let me send you The API-50 Government Windfall.
Try this out and see for yourself; and see if you make money using it! If, for any reason you think this isn’t for you, send it back for ANY reason in ANY condition within 30 days and we’ll return the entire purchase price (Less Shipping and Handling)! It simply doesn’t get fairer- what do you have to lose?


            AND if you get in now, I have a very special FREE BONUS for you. Let me be clear: this material alone could make you INSTANTLY RICHER and pay for itself…

            Reserve your copy of The API-50 Government Windfall today and I’ll also send you an additional way of getting FAST CASH:
           “You could receive an Extra $1500 a month!"


This is no gimmick. Just like with The API-50 Government Windfall, the opportunity to get more cash in your pocket TODAY is there… IF you know about it.


            Retirement could be more within your reach than you ever imagined. Chipping away like this- bringing outgoings down and income up- that’s the inside track to escaping the daily grind.


I hope that what you’ve read so far gives you peace of mind.


            But I too need peace of mind… that my own claims keep coming in…


Don’t Tell Everyone…


As I said, this whole thing has really slipped under the radar and consequently, this has to stay in the hands of a quiet minority (and I mean quiet).

            I have to be honest, I agonized over releasing this at all, but I was assured of discretion and a limited number of people allowed in. We’re talking about only a few percent of all invitees being on board.


The Sofa Awaits


            Don’t be discouraged by this though- act TODAY, as in NOW, as your place should be secured.


            At last you can enjoy some certainty in this uncertain world. Life doesn’t have to be a pointless struggle; clinging on to a dull job and taking crap from a moronic boss, stressing about debt etc.


            Being able to walk away from the whole game… now that’s power!


            I hope you can join me on the sofa soon. When you do, you’ll soon see what I’m talking about.

          All the best,



          Jeff McBride.




           P.S. Large sums of cash could be yours each Wednesday.


           P.P.S. Almost ANYBODY could get in on this. At the very least, try this out with our money-back guarantee and you can KEEP the free bonus regardless!


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